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Student Expeditions in Latin America
"Experiential learning at sustainable projects"
Student Expeditions in Latin America
"Experiential learning at sustainable projects"
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"Make a difference while your travel."

Who we are:

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Greentrek Sustainable Travel is a tour operator that specializes in student expeditions and tours to countries in Latin America such as:

  Belize, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina.

We offer our customers high quality,  safe, fun  and unique tailor made experiences while taking advantage of all the positive benefits that sustainable tourism can generate.

Sustainable and responsible tourism promotes  environmental conservation, helps maintain local cultures, and brings economic income to aid in the development of the destinations visited.

Latin America offers fabulous & amazing natural landscapes, a rich and friendly local  culture and unique & unforgettable sustainable experiences in the field.

Greentrek a meaningful, fun and exciting experiential way of travelling.

About us


Ecuador indigenous cultureWhy do we to this?

  • Increase global understanding.
  • Promote inter-cultural exchange
  • Mainstream the concept of sustainable travel.
  • Support sustainable projects.
  • Promote critical thinking skills.
  • Create life changing experiences for our groups

Why travel with us?

  • While travelling with us, we want you to be: delighted, happy, free, excited & open minded while enjoying the benefits of being in touch with nature and the local culture.
  •  We promote sympathy and empathy while giving you personalized service.
  • Truly customizable itineraries, we will arrange everything for the group!
  • Affordable travel experiences
  • Flexibility in order to meet the needs of faculty when traveling.
  • Be part of the change by supporting various projects that have been carefully selected to meet high standards of sustainability.
  • Your security & wellbeing is our priority, therefore Greentrek has ongoing risk assessments of our itineraries.
  • We support you from the beginning! we offer pre departure webinars & country specific informational brochures, we also provide in country group and safety briefings and much more!

Choose Greentrek as your parner for your study abroad trip!


Carbonfund-org To be a truly sustainable traveler, we highly encourage you to offset the carbon footprint of your flights! We recommend visiting the Carbon Fund Webpage, where they offer various options to help you reduce your carbon footprint.


Recommended Student Expeditions

10 Day student expedition in Ecuador

10 Day student expedition in Ecuador

Discover the cloud forest and zip line through the canopy! Learn about organic chocolate production and visit an animal rescue center.


9 Day Student Expedition Galapagos

9 Day Student Expedition Galapagos

Travel to the enchanted Galapagos islands and volunteer in hábitat restoration. Get up close and personal with sea lions & marine iguanas and discover the unique geology of the archipelago


8 Day Student Expedition Peru

8 Day Student Expedition Peru

Discover the ancient lost city of Machu Picchu and the vast Titicaca lake, meet local Uro communities on reed floating islands and volunteer with local kichwa communities!