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How can you be a sustainable traveler?

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Each time you make plans for your vacation you have the opportunity to have a positive impact on the places you visit. Everyone can be a responsible traveler, no matter what type of journey you choose to embark on. You can get in touch with nature, go after a luxurious spa, hike through the rainforest, explore the city, visit classic destinations, or simply go off the beaten path. By using socially and environmentally responsible tour operators, hotels and outfitters, you can ensure that your trip contributes to the conservation of certain areas and the well-being of communities. Your choice makes a difference.

Responsible Travel starts with planning. Making informed…


Learn about our habitat restoration project!

Greentrek has an ongoing habitat restoration project located in the Choco area of the cloud forest of Ecuador. Our goal is to help restore land that has been cleared mostly for logging and cattle raising. We also do this to offset the carbon emissions of our trips.

The northwest or Choco region of Ecuador has an amazingly high biodiversity and is a home to numerous endemics. Approximately a quarter of all plant species found here are endemic, in the mountain ranges it’s almost the half! Compared to other continental regions the highest concentration of endemic birds can be found here. Especially the mountain ranges are characterized by high amphibian diversity.


“Whether you are traveling alone or arranging travel for others, remember that the Earth is our homeland. Give it the care and respect it deserves, learn about its environment and geography, spend time getting to know its people and their art, culture, history and livelihoods. While you derive pleasure, knowledge and understanding from your encounters, hold close the importance of preserving these treasures for those who may follow in your footsteps”- Responsible Travel Handbook.

icono_learn_pdfResponsible Travel Handbook- DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Travel is the world’s largest and fastest growing industry, providing 10 percent of the world’s income and employing one tenth of the world’s workforce. Travel to places known as “biodiversity hotspots,” are among the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. This growing interest will have many different impacts on both the environment and cultures of these tourist destinations.

Sustainable travel aims to protect these fragile places of extreme beauty from disappearing, while protecting the livelihoods and natural resources of local communities with limited economic resources, whose culture and traditions are also in danger of being lost.

On this section you can find documents & links about sustainable tourism which we hope will help you learn more about this interesting subject.