El Espectador E8-13 y Shyris. Edificio El Espectador. Oficina 203


US Number: (312) 912 9286
Ecuador Number:+593-2-600-4954




At the Animal Rescue Center
"Volunteer in the Rainforest!"
The Crew on the Coast & the Galapagos
"Volunteer in coast & the Galapagos!"
Helping out in the Highlands
"Volunteer in the highlands"

How Greentrek makes a difference:

  • Be part of the change as you support an Ecuadorian volunteer organization that promotes volunteering and supports various conservation projects that have been carefully selected to meet high standards of sustainability & local community participation.
  • Your security & wellbeing is our priority, therefore Greentrek will provide all volunteers with support in the field during their stay in Ecuador. There will be an on-call staff member ready to support you in any urgent matter that may arise.
  • We will support you during your application process and upon arrival during our informational briefing at our offices before you depart to your volunteer placement.

What we do with your contribution:

All volunteer projects that we promote on our webpage have their own costs that cover different services during your stay. Paying our rate, we cover those program costs, and we also add a small percentage to help cover costs for online marketing (most volunteer projects don’t have the funds or the know-how to promote online). This important outreach work allows the programs to find more volunteers to support the projects over time. We have carefully analyzed the sustainability of each project and we believe that all our volunteer projects are worth supporting through the hard work and dedication of volunteers from all over the world. Thanks for your interest in lending a hand to help out these important projects in Ecuador!