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Learn about our habitat restoration project!

Greentrek has an ongoing habitat restoration project located in the Choco area of the cloud forest of Ecuador. Our goal is to help restore land that has been cleared mostly for logging and cattle raising. We also do this to offset the carbon emissions of our trips.

The northwest or Choco region of Ecuador has an amazingly high biodiversity and is a home to numerous endemics. Approximately a quarter of all plant species found here are endemic, in the mountain ranges it’s almost the half! Compared to other continental regions the highest concentration of endemic birds can be found here. Especially the mountain ranges are characterized by high amphibian diversity.

Threats to this unique ecosystem:

More than 90% has been deforested between 1938 and 1988. Where diverse forests once grew, you can now find banana plantations. And the last remnants of forest are also very threatened by illegal and legal logging, oil palm plantations and mining companies. That’s why the Chocó is considered as one of the areas with the highest conservation priority in Ecuador.

Our mission to help:

We have partnered with local communities and private land owners who share our commitment to restore their land for future generations. Our local partners are key players in ensuring the survival of the trees we plant.

We have planted more than 500 trees through the hard work and dedication of the various service groups we host in country.
We use only local and endemic tree species in our restoration efforts. We also do a careful monitoring of the trees to ensure their survival rates.

Part of the profits of our trips are directed towards planting more trees and supporting our project in the long term.


If you are interested in contributing to our project let us know!

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