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What does sustainable tourism mean?

Sustainable tourism has a number of benefits for travelers. For starters, it provides a more enjoyable travel experience through meaningful and mindful interaction with local people and the natural world; not to mention, it gives you the chance to stay at smaller lodges with local flair that are both locally owned and operated.

Sustainable tourism also means trying local cuisine and learning local customs along the way, as well as traveling in small groups and exploring national parks, nature reserves and culturally sensitive areas with a local guide.

Finally, sustainable tourism means asking the right questions: choosing your vacation wisely and evaluating your travel alternatives by asking the right questions are the first and most important steps in fostering a sustainable journey.

This will help you connect with sustainable tourism companies that are working to help ensure that future generations will also have the chance to experience some of the most beautiful and intriguing places on our planet. By asking about sustainable tourism when planning your vacation, you can find out whether your trip can help protect the natural environment, traditions and culture of the places you visit, all while spreading economic benefits to those who most need it.

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